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Stand Up comedy

I am a big fan of anything that has humour. You have been reading my blog for over half a year and I am sure you know that I have a sense of humour. Right? So naturally I gravitate towards anything that is funny. When I have free time I love watching funny stuff: movies series, YouTube videos and stand-up comedy. As the title suggests I love stand-up comedy and I am in heaven when I get a new show. I am thoroughly impressed with the comics who come up on stage and start telling their jokes. It amazes me how some of them start telling ordinary stories about their lives and they turn out to very hilarious. Not all comics are the same, there are some who like in everything are really good and the others are just ordinary. My favourite ones of course are the really funny ones. Here are my favourite stand-up comics
Richard Pryor
He is my favourite all time comedian. This guy is old school, if you don't know he was born in 1940 and died in 2005. His best work was in the 80s where he had these two shows "Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip" and "Wanted: Live in Concert". What I like most about his style of comedy is that he animates everything – he can be talking about animals and the animals have voices and personalities and you can follow the conversation which is really funny. I love how this guy is funny 30 years later after realising his greatest works (according to me). Here is a clip of him on boxing- if the video is not there its coz of YouTube.

Chris rock
This is a guy I fully respect and love. His sense of humour is intelligent whereby he makes you laugh and at the same time he makes you think about what he is talking about. I have watched all of his stuff that is available and I am always impressed with the way he talks about issues that are affecting his environment. I started watching stand-up comedies because of him because after watching a five minute clip of him I was hooked on to this genre. My favourite pieces of his work are "Bigger & Blacker" and "Never Scared" I have watched this stuff over and over again and I still laugh at the jokes. Here is a clip about toss the salad guy,

Kevin hart
This is the only guy I know who has made stand-up comedy mainstream. He has made the most money on shows by properly marketing his work. It took him a long time to get on the stage but it was worth the wait I find him to be really really funny. I still can't believe this guy is that short and he makes his humour work for him when he jokes about his height. His best work was his earlier stuff, I guess it was when he was hungry, right now he is funny but you will agree with me he isn't that funny. Here is a clip on adventure with an ostrich.

Trevor Noah
How do I describe Trevor? He is one of the funniest comedian or the funniest guy that came out of South Africa. This guy is so good that he will be replacing John Stewart on the Daily show. I mean there are funny guys in the US but for him to come from SA and take over in the US market you have to give him props. Here is my funniest clip of him – the Oprah joke

I heard one comic says the reason some of them are so good is because they have experienced so much pain in life and they have turned it to a humourus story. I don't know if it is true but I just put it there for you. Who is your funniest comic?

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