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The End Of The Football Season

It's been a long 10 months and the football season is over, I am talking about the premier league of course where my team- Manchester united- had a few lows and a few highs. The few lows were a big improvement from the 2013-2014 season where our team was really really bad and we were glad to bounce back. At the end of the season we managed to finish 4th where we were 8th on the previous year and there is a lot to learn from the season. I tried to watch as many games as I could over the season and I think I only missed 5 games.

I really like our new coach Louis Van Gaal, LVG he came with his new style of football and I honestly think it improved how we play. He came from a high, taking the Dutch team to third place in the world cup finals so we all assumed that his coming to United will mean that there will be a big improvement to the team. Sadly he wasn't the messiah we were looking for and it will take some time for him to stamp his authority on our team. I would love him to stay on for as long as possible due to his coaching style. The only thing I would advise him if I could talk to him is that he should ignore the press, those guys will eat you alive.

With a new coach he was given £ 150 mille to build his team and he dived right into the market and got us an angel. Angel Di Maria came to united after the club spent £ 60 mille on him. At the beginning of the season he was playing really well but the coach kept on switching his position and he found it hard to keep his first team place. His impact was not felt that much but I am sure the longer he stays the better he will make united. Other players came in who turned out to be a welcomed surprise, Daley Blind, Marcus Rojo, Radamel Falcao, and Anders Herrera. The players were all good apart from Falcao, I think he wasn't good enough with our style of play and I was not surprised to hear that they will not renew his contract.

Players who surprised me this season with their excellent play were Fellaini, Degea and Daley Blind. Fellaini has turned out to be the go to man to make united win. When he was brought on with our previous manager he did poorly but he has grown to his role in our first team. He has come alive in our team and he has made me like him. David Degea was the best player in our team without a doubt. Without him we would have suffered a lot because he is an outstanding goal keeper who at a young age is very mature. Sad to say he might leave and go to Madrid I wish he would stay – please stay. I love how Blind plays, he is a great defender and attacker all combined. I am glad he there in our mid field. Other players of note this season were Ashley Young, Micheal Carrick and Juan Mata.

With the upcoming four month break, I am looking forward to see which players will be coming to our team and the ones who will be leaving. I would prefer faster players to complement the way Di Maria and stronger defenders to help our back four. In addition I would like to see more fan support for our coach and he should be left alone to do his job. I want to see more of the youth team playing in the first team and more of Jazunaj.

In other news I finished 11th in my fantasy league with 1794 points and the guy who was first had 2016 am coming for him next season.
Which team do you support and how did they play this season?

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