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I Am A Google AdWord Expert

So apparently Google Adwords decided to make me a partner. Let me first explain what it means to be a Google Partner, A Google partner, what I think, is someone the search engine giant has seen knows what he or she is going with their products and can be used to give advice to those who don’t know how to use the same products. With that I am a Google AdWords partner meaning I know my Sh!t about Google Adwords.

For those who don’t know to be an AdWords partner you have to do 3 things, the first you have to pass two exams; secondly, you have to spend over $10k and lastly you must be performing proficiently. Needless to say I killed it in all those categories.
So I was thinking to make this blogpost humble and go like yeah it was a lot of hard work and the powers that be decided to make me an official partner and all that BS. But that wont be me and it wont be my blog so here I go.

It was about time I got my Partnership status, I have been working on this platform for 3 months helping people all over the world advertise their products on the Google search engine. I don’t know the number of partners there are out there in the world but I can tell you I am one of the few in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa and the world…. I digress.
I am finally part of the club so watch out…. Here I come. 


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