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Dining In The Village

The main entrance
A few weeks I had travelled to a village in Machakos called Kabaa with a couple of friends. I was meant to write this weeks ago but life happened and many more interesting blog posts came to me and I wrote the hell out of them. Now that life has somehow relaxed I can focus on the things I was meant to post about. So like I was saying I was Kabaa, I had taken my friend to go see some plots of land because she would like to do some farming and she wanted to get acquainted with the property she was going to use. That went all great coz we had a specialist farmer who gave her advice. It was weird how much that guy was a professional and I am the one with the Agriculture degree and he was talking with so much intelligence and authority on the field. But back to my story.
The Main Kitchen

At lunch time it was suggested that we eat at that place in one of the local restaurants. At first I was like against it because I knew Nairobi is 2 hours away and we can drive back and have a proper meal but since I was outnumbered I was like bring it. If you have been to a restaurant in a rural village you will understand my trepidation because hygiene, courtesy and good food go out the window in such places.

When we got there the food had already been pre-ordered, someone had called in advance telling them about our arrival. When we sat down we were served immediately. At first I was like "what? Dial up service in Kabaa who would have thunk it?" Everyone else we were with was cool about it so I also pretended it's something I do every time I go there. "I mean don't you make a reservation before you get into a restaurant?" We sat on a table which sat 8 people, on one side there were plastic chairs on the other side was a bench to sit on. It had its own rustic thatched roof. I really want to make fun of it but it was oddly comfortable and very rustic. Then came the food.
Stewed meat


I knew this is when s**t gets real. We had ordered rice, stewed meat and a bit of barbecue meat and a cup of stew. Let me stress that a cup of stew, in that when they made the stewed meat they filled several cups with the stew from the meat and we were given 8 cups of it. I knew here it was going to be very tricky but since everyone is eating I would have to man up and eat as well. I was wonderfully surprised that the food was really really good. They had cooked the food using firewood and it didn't have that smoky taste. The rice was well seasoned and the meat was a delight. I felt guilty thinking that the food was going to be bad.
Cups of stew

I haven't talked about the barbecue meat cause that was just bad. It was the fat of the cow on bone then it was dry roasted. I ate a few pieces of it and I never went for seconds. That restaurant is really nice. If you are to go to Kabaa and you are looking for a place to it go to this restaurant City Café and Butchery the food there is good. The only directions I can give you to the place is when you are driving to Kabaa and where the tarmac road ends that is where the restaurant is.
Our VIP table


You can find more photos on my FB page and Instagram. Have you eaten in a rural restaurant?

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