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Monday Morning

How do you guys come up with post titles for Mondays when you recap what you did over the weekend? I hope I have captured the best title for this post. Imagine we are standing by the water cooler, or having a cup of coffee/ tea and we are having a conversation of what happened. After all the pleasantries have been observed am going to go straight and tell you what I did over the weekend.


The Premier League is back and for sure I was watching football over the weekend. I was glad to see my boys dawn on the red of United for another exciting season. Before the match begun I had already set up my fantasy football league getting ready for fun. Football is more fun if you include fantasy football. We have a new Coach Luis Van Gaal, and am looking forward to what he is going to do with our club. The season didn't start off so well because we lost our first game of the season. I was hoping we would come out of the gates running but I guess we are either limping or jogging. We lost 2-1 against Swansea, gutted. Until next weekend.


I am usually down whenever my team losers, I think I am too much of a fan. I love those guys more than I should. By now I should be able to be indifferent to them especially after watching them play for 15 years. But no, it still bothers me when United lose. To lift up my spirits I decided to do something fun, something to take my mind of things. I mostly watch movies and stuff for that but I didn't know what to watch. So I decided to go back to the archives and look for a show or a movie that I really liked and revisit the pleasures of old.


Studio 60 at the sunset strip turned out to be the series for me. I think Aaron Sorkin is amazing as he is the creator of the series. I love all his other work, The West Wing, The Newsroom and some show I can't remember right now. Studio 60 has Mathew Perry and Bradley Whitford as the main actors. I love these kind of series and movies as they are mentally stimulating and more over they have intellectual jokes. I binge watched both seasons of studio 60 and in the end I was left with withdrawal symptoms. Why did they have to cancel it?


The weekend flew past by me while I was watching the series. I was able to read a few chapters of The Accidental Creative which is an interesting read as well. I will have more on that when am done reading it for the second time.


What did you do over the weekend?


  1. I like the title! Sorry about your team. I have not heard of The Accidental Creative - I might have to check that out. I will be interested to hear what you have to say about it. Happy Monday!

  2. Some of my best friends are super into the Premeir League. I may be watching a few games this year!
    and I moved this weekend! super exciting!

  3. I have tried to take an interest in football and used to support Man Utd but have since lost interest! The hubby supports Liverpool so its probably just as well I lost interest! I was glued to the World Cup though.


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