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September Goals

Its September already, yes 9 months since the beginning of the year. If you are like me that means time is running really fast and the last time I looked at the calendar it was in March. Now here we are grateful to be still around. Every beginning of each month I come up with goals that I would like to accomplish before it ends. Here are my September goals:
  • Graduate school: Finalise everything for Simon Business School
  • I-20: Get my I-20 and set up a Student visa interview.
  • Read: finish the books that I started in August
  • Online Jobs: Break the $ 1000 barrier and make it online during the month.
  • Housing: Start looking for homes in Rochester for January


What are your goals for this month


  1. Good luck on your goals this month! I can't believe this year is already half way over too!
    -Hsiao-Ting (

    1. Mukuba lya pa zed? Nice goals and good luck.

  2. I need to finish the books I started in August as well! Which ones are you reading?


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