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This small white man who smiles over the city doesn't know how much grief he gives us. First of all let me give you the stats about monopoly then I can talk about the real monopoly. It's owned by Hasbro, 275 million games have been sold so far, in 111 countries; the longest game lasted for 70 straight days; most expensive board costs $ 2 mille; the guy in jail is called Jake the jailbird and the cop is officer Edgar Mallory; 6 billion houses and 2.25 hotels have been erected since 1935. And now back to the game that I know…


When we play we prefer to have 4 players. There can be 5 or 6 players, the more the merrier, but we don't do it with 3 players. This is because one player can easily dominate the game if there are only three players. It's all fun and games rolling the dice trying to see which of the players can amass as much property as possible until the last property is bought. That is when S**t gets real.


It stops being monopoly and becomes the Game Of Thrones. And whoever plays the Game Of Thrones either lives or die. Like the TV series in every game, assuming there are four players, there is always Cersei- the one who think they have power; Tyrion – the tricky/wise one; Twyin –the one with the most property; and Rob- the one who has nothing but heart. Additional players can be little finger who steals money from the bank and Varys who corrupts the game by killing all the deals.


Cersei's in the game is the character I rarely play as this person is normally the idiot, ok that is too harsh but the one who doesn't know the right decision to make. Especially when people are baying for blood and she is put under pressure. Cersei is the one who is new to the game; has been oblivious to what is going on; is dead set on owning a certain piece of property. She is the one who makes other players cringe when they do or don't make a decision until guys go like ok then, lets all not deal then. This person thinks they have all the power but in the end it turns out its not hers to begin with.


I play this game a lot and I have been all these characters but the role I love to play is Tyrion. I always wait for people to trade cards and make deals while at the same time plot to see how I can make the odds to my favour. Or alternatively I deal with people quickly under the table before people know what is going on, don't guys hate that. One of the reasons I am able to do this comfortable is because I always know who holds which card from the beginning of the game as such I am able to know who I will be dealing with and which player is the deal breaker or maker. With this knowledge I rule the iron throne, I mean board, insert evil maniacal laughter.


Twyin is the guy who holds the most property just before the time to deal begins. I hate being this guy because you become greedy and you want to own the whole board or three quarters of it. I have to say that sometimes it works out but usually it normally backfires and is the person who ends up with a bitter taste in their mouth or a quarrel in their gut. The best part about being him is that everyone has to work with you and you can control the game and you can see what deals are being made and how the tide of the game will change.


Rob is my favourite to play. Because this guy has nothing to lose. He owns a piece of property here and there but of no consequence. He can't make any deals and the most he can do is buy property from the rest at exorbitant prices. But rob plays with heart, and I always say "GO HARD OR GO HOME." In some cases he out lives the rest but sadly he rarely wins.


Varys and little finger are all fun if they are in the game as they make it more interesting. I would like to say I am ethical but there are occasions where I was both of them, stealing money from the bank as well stopping all the deals by giving out bad advice.


Monopoly can be good clean fun for some guys who just want to spend time and have a good time. From my experience it's never clean or fun, we talk badly about each other; abuse each other; and you viciously celebrate when one goes out of the game. My favourite people to play with are extremely competitive and wise guys who make great decisions. The ones who feel the pain of losing and you can rub the salt in their wounds. When am free and with the right quorum I can spend hours playing monopoly.


Do you play board games? I am going to end this post with this…



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