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Exam Results

About a week ago many high school students got the results for the exam they wrote last year. I should mention that here in Kenya, Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education is very important and it determines the future of many students. Like every other major exam that is taken every year, there are a couple of people who were very excited and were proud of their achievements while there are those on the other end of the spectrum.


In the past, passing or failing was a really big thing but now it's not so much so. Let me explain when I wrote my exam in 2001, it's been that long, you had to get an A for you to do any professional course like medicine, law, accounting engineering and many others. Anyone else who got less than that were either thrown to various fields of science and art without regards to what the students wants to study or not. The students who managed to get Cs that is C plus or minus had it even tougher because that meant they were only eligible to join colleges or polytechnic colleges. It wasn't doom and gloom for the ones who had money as they were ways of dancing around the education system and found your way to the course you want to do… I am talking about parallel university learning. This is whereby students who couldn't meet the grade requirement for a certain course would pay extra tuition in order to study for the course.


As you can imagine if you didn't have money that meant that your options were severely limited. The great thing about today is that things have changed dramatically. The final grade of what you get in high school doesn't count as much as it did in the past. This is due to the fact that there are so many universities that have been opened around the country and many colleges have been upgraded to university and the requirements to do certain courses are much lower. For example going to certain universities to get a bachelor in commerce would require you to have an A or A minus but in other universities the requirements aren't so high in that you can do the same course is a plain C.


Another thing you should remember is that whatever you study for doesn't mean you will work in that area. When I attended university I had this assumption that you have to get a job in your specific field of study but experience has taught me otherwise. You can study for one degree or diploma and you will find yourself working in a totally different field. If you are reading this and you find yourself in the not so favourable position due to your exam results don't lose hope as there are ways of you achieving your dream career. Some ways might take longer but in the end you will get there.


Congratulations to all those who passed and for those who didn't do so well its not the end of the world you just need to look for other options. Were you satisfied with your exam results whenever you wrote them?

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