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I got this from Lisi Ledbetter from and I found it to be really amazing. Not very many people are able to go like ok we are all un cool and in fact we are normal. Personally I am one of the guys who is too big for life and I normally portray myself as being super cool or Ice cold as Andre from outkast would say it. After reading her post #wearealluncool I decided to let a bit of honesty in this blog of mine. I am a human being and most of the things I do, see are super boring and mundane. There are times that something amazing happens but sad to say that I have no control over it and I am a passenger to the event.


In keeping with the theme of #WeAreAllUncool and the Instagram handle is @WeAreAllUncool. I am going to talk about a couple of my flaws and yes I do know I have many of them.


I lie. I know I lie and I don't think I do it too much, like a pathological liar but I think it's a decent amount of lies. I mean honestly all the stories I tell are very funny and interesting and that is due to the part that they are 50% lies. Trust me the truth is not that interesting and if it was, it's going to be a really short conversation. So I add a little bit of titbits here and there to keep the conversation going and entertaining.


I fixate on the past. I really wish I didn't do this but I find myself reliving past events especially on hurtful ones. I find myself thinking about my failures past relationships and keep thinking what if things didn't turn out the way they did. I forget that living means being in the present and I should forget all the things that have happened.


I find humour in the weirdest thing. I could be facing a tragedy but I would still be able to joke about it. I was once told it's a self defence mechanism and if it is well and good coz however bad things are there is a joke to be told. That is why I don't attend funerals, I always end up saying the wrong things.


I tried looking for an uncool picture of me but I couldn't get one…. Another lie.


  1. thank you for the reference! I absolutely love reading these, yours was also very insightful. can relate to the joking part, I laugh it off mostly. it's hard holding the right balance of not taking life or yourself too seriously. and on #1: extending the truth isn't really lying, I guess :)

    1. you are welcome. if extending the truth isnt lying then am not a liar. YAY :)


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