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Back to School

Its time I started planning for my epic return to school. It would be exactly 7 years since I was last seen in a learning institution in the capacity of a student. Now that I am getting ready for this new adventure I need to be properly equipped for this undertaking. As I would be going to a new country and a new system of learning I need to get new stuff different from I am used to having in the past. So what do I need?

Winter clothes
I would need a couple of these as when I arrive in New York it would be the dead of winter. The winter is coming.


Laptop and tablet
I am going to use the university stores and buy a Dell laptop which comes with a free 7" Dell tablet. That is amazing coz I was planning to buy a tablet but since am getting it for free then I won't need to get one.
The free tablet :)


I am going to get this from the Kenya basketball team. I would love to have a bag that is branded with our nations colours.


School supplies
I saw this on Pinterest and I knew I would need these.


  1. Good luck in New York, Zaby! I look forward to reading about your adventures. Your Kenyan backpack will be a conversation starter, I am sure!
    I just want to let you know that I have really appreciated all of your comments on my blog.
    In my post today, I nominated you to receive the Blogger Sunshine Award. Do not feel any pressure to accept (I know that many bloggers prefer not to) - but I just wanted to use the opportunity to say thanks for the encouragement I have received from you! Details are here:

    1. Hey Susan, you have an amazing blog, i think i should be thanking you for that. I dont know much about blogger sunshine award but i will look into it

  2. How exciting to go back to school, best of luck! What a great deal on the laptop and tablet.

  3. I love New York, and am so jealous! That's awesome you get a free tablet. I never thought I'd say you 'need' both a laptop and a tablet, but when it comes to school, you really do!

    1. Tablets are great especially for reading on the go


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