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Drunk Dialling

Today I am going to talk about a topic that is close to my heart. A medical phenomenon that happens when I drink a little alcohol, ok I am going to be honest when I drink a lot of it. When I am drinking it starts out fine, I am cool and after a couple of hours or shots later I find myself reaching for my phone. To find out the wellbeing of my companions, friends, relatives and sad to say my Exes. I would also be talking about drunk texting but I don't have the patience to write messages when I am inebriated. Yes I call them, I am not proud to say I do but I want to stop doing it and I went on a scientific journey to discover why people like me feel the need to call people at 2 or 3 am to tell them that we love them.


According to social scientists, I am not sure if that is a science, they say the reason that we do silly things like drunk dialling is because alcohol lowers our inhibition levels. This makes us do stuff that we would normally do or express when we are sober. According to a study of 433 individuals who were 20 years of age, it found out why people drunk dial. The first reason why we do it is because it is a social lubricant; meaning drunk guys have more confidence, courage and feel they can express themselves much better and the best part is they feel less accountable for their actions. I am such a victim of this.


Another reason guys do it is for entertainment. The drunk dudes would call their friends because they thought it was funny and other people would think it's funny as well. I am so totally inclined to agree with this theory, coz when I do it, I do it to spread the fun.


Emotional confession is a good reason for drunk dialling. We have all felt this way, this burning desire to tell people how you really feel. I love to tell people that I love them, and their first response to me is to ask if I am drunk. Sad to say I am always drunk at the time in question.


The last and I think the best reason for drunk dialling is coz of sex. When I am drunk, I can't talk about other people here, I want to know whether I can get some for the night. So I always scroll my phone book looking for easy targets from A straight to Z and when I see a potential I hit dial. There is no reason for me to tell it only works half the time.


I do agree with most of the findings on drunk dialling. Do you ever drunk dial or got a call from a drunk guy?



  1. I have been guilty of this!! It never turns out good lol

  2. I am guilty of texting which I think might be worse because there is a chance if you call they won't pick up but a text will be there in the morning. Yikes!

    1. Hi kate,

      I am glad am not the only one who suffers from this affliction

  3. Haha i think that happens to a lot of people when they're drunk although the next day most people regret it.

    Hsiao-Ting (

  4. Ugh. I recently was a victim of DRUNK BOYFRIEND text messages and to be completely honest, it did NOT turn out well, and is actually what started the beginning of the end of our relationship! :( I should not have let him come over, that's for sure - however, everything happens for a reason, so in away, I am GLAD I did let him come over!


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