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My Favourite Android Apps

My title should have been my favourite apps so far, coz the apps I used to use a lot I hardly use them at all. Facebook on android sucks and it doesn't have what it used to have, that wow factor. KIK and viber are other apps that lost their way and I don't find them interesting at all. Back to my favourite apps, when I am on my tablet I am usually on twitter, kindle Pinterest, stumbleupon blog Inc. and IMDB; I have new apps installed that I go to more than the ones I have mentioned. They are tinder, flikr and Imgur.


Tinder is an online dating app, which is a lot of fun and easy to use. I was very wary of online dating websites and services because… well just because. But a friend of mine told me of all the women he has been getting on tinder I had to get it. True to his word its really easy getting women, all you have to do is like someone on it and if they like you back you can start a conversation and that is one foot through the door. From my experience I made a couple of mistakes, no. 1 being I never used to take the girls' phone numbers and the conversation would end without me getting any head way. Also I found that so many of the people "who are beautiful from the inside" were the only ones friending me back which is weird coz I am damn hot. My advice is if you are a girl or boy get on tinder it makes hooking up so easy.


Imgur is an app that shares viral photos, videos and gifs. First of all I still don't know how to pronounce it imgur, imgur, imgur. The guys who come up with these names, from the official site the pronunciation is image-er/im-ij-er. This is a really cool app, and if you are looking for what is hot on the net this is the place to be. I normally visit the app for the hilarious stuff they have on and I find I have spent an hour or more just scrolling through the images.


Lastly there is flikr, I think this is my all-time favourite app coz I get to see lots and lots of photos of different places which I add to my bucket list. The people I follow on flikr are mostly travellers and I love seeing where they have been and what made them take a certain photo. There are incredible photos of Alaska, sunrises and sets and one or two selfies. I normally drool over the photos that are there.


Other notable applications that I should talk about that I have and use are YouTube, airbnb crowd fire, UB reader hotel search and series guide. What apps do you use most often?


  1. "I found that so many of the people "who are beautiful from the inside" were the only ones friending me back which is weird coz I am damn hot." had to laugh when I read that. I don't use tinder because it freaks me out and my face "doesn't work" on pictures, hahaha

    1. what about professional photos? how does your face work on them?

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