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Weekend Post

I know it's a bit late to talk about what I did during the weekend but other things came up. Now that nothing is going on I can blog about what activities that occurred during the said dates, the following took place between Friday to Sunday (24 Voice). Friday evening was cool, it was my dad's birthday and we had a special dinner for him, he turned 64 years. My mom made the food and asked my brother and sister to come with their families and we had a lot fun. We did get to sing for him the birthday song so as to ask him "how old are you now?" and he was proud and shouted "64!" Come to think of it I think I am finally half his age. So kudos for the both of us. The dinner lasted for a couple of hours then I went out with my girls to a local pub. There I had a little too much of Jameson but he didn't ask me to do silly stuff. I can finally handle my liquor.


The next day was my friend's wedding it was so out of town, it took us two hours to get to the venue. I was wondering why they had decided to take it so far away but when I got there I realized why they chose the place. The place was beautiful, the arrangement was lovely and the ceremony was perfect. I didn't actually get to see the vows part coz we got there … fashionably late or very late but we made it for the reception. I really do love how women dress for such occasions. It's like a marketing gimmick showing you there potential, it's sexy + casual and many of the girls who were there were looking hot. I am an "ass" guy and the girls who were there had plenty of it – heaven for me. I went to the wedding with the girls I was with the previous night. We skipped the evening party because of its location and driving back in the middle of the night is not advisable. We went to my friends place just to watch 50 shades of grey.


I haven't read the books to be honest but the movie was very very poor. I have little knowledge of domination and BDSM I think I will have to look into that. My friends struggled to watch the movie because I kept talking over it with other guys and they weren't amused. After kicking it for a couple of hours I went home to sleep. Then randomly my neighbour came knocking my door at 2 am and we ended up going back to the club. It was a bit of surprise coz I didn't plan on doing anything. I still had plenty of energy in me so I went out hoping to look for some tail. But alas there was no tail to be bagged.


On Sunday evening I was meant to do a presentation for the Rotman Problem Solving Challenge. I don't know if I have talked about this in the past, if not then its coz I don't know the implications of doing so and that is why I am putting this as a footnote. For the challenge I was meant to write an essay on the added value of wearable technology in education. I wrote a good enough paper to get me to the second round for the presentation phase. The presentation was done via skype and it was very relaxed, the guy on the other side of the computer was cool to talk to and I think I made a favourable impression. I am hoping to go through to the final round of the completion. If that happens I could be in Toronto at the end of the month wooohooo. Anyways news about that will follow.


What did you get up to for the weekend?


  1. "I had a little too much of Jameson but he didn't ask me to do silly stuff" - brilliant!

    1. he made me do silly stuff in the past so am a bit weary of the drink

  2. I heard that 50 shades was a bad movie as well, but I didn't read the books either, so I don't have anything to compare it to. Glad that you had fun at your friends wedding!

    Quirky, Brown Love

    1. Hi Bree,

      i did have fun. try the movie maybe you might like it, to each his own

  3. I'm glad you were able to see your fair share of 'ass' ;)


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