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Evolution Of Technology

Technology has changed over time, but in the last 50 years there have been rapid changes in technology. I remember the first time one of my grandmas came to visit us and she saw a TV she was dumbfounded. The first question she asked what are those white people doing in the box? She went around the TV set to see if they are hiding behind and it took some time before my dad explained to her what a TV was. Personally I think he did a poor job coz he went like just know its some new technology. I should also mention when she first watch the Muppet show she almost freaked out because she thought it was witchcraft that can make a frog, a pig and the rest of the animals talk.


It was easy for me to make fun of her as I was young and ignorant. Right now I am truly amazed with the leaps and bounds technology has made in the recent past. 15 years ago my friend had a PC, and it was the only one in our estate and it was a Pentium III and had 20GB Hard drive space. We were all in awe at his machine and were excited using programs like word with word art. Now there are phones with 64 GB hard drive space and its 100 times more powerful than that PC I have mentioned. Another example is the internet bandwith that I have access to, I only used to get 256 kb/s download speeds and I was in heaven. I could get my music and movies comfortably. Now I have 4 MB/s, which I know is not too fast as my friends have 10 to 50 MB/s, and my package is already too much for me. When I look at the things people are doing in South Korea and in Japan technology wise I am always astounded. They are like 3 or 4 generations ahead of the rest of the world let alone Africa. Sometimes I amuse myself if I were to take my grandmother there what will happen. Will she die of shock or condemn the new technology as works of the devil.


We are living in a rapidly changing environment as last year's technologies are quickly replaced by this year's. Sometimes the evolution of products take place after a few months. Personally it's hard for me to keep up with the new stuff. I try to keep abreast but sometimes its ridiculous for example types of phones, there is the Samsung galaxy S5 and then a few weeks later Samsung Note 4 and then two weeks later Samsung galaxy Edge and please note there is very little difference between the first phone and the last phone.


Do you keep up with technology?

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