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One of the reasons I love blogging and reading about other blogs is experiencing life through the eyes of another person. Through these perspectives I get to understand or get to know a little about things I had no idea about for example parenting blogs give excellent advice on parenting, cooking blogs on cooking and the list goes on. This way I don't have to be a parent or a cook but I can somehow know how life is for that person in that situation. With all blog categories that are there, DIYs; personal blogs; reviews; etc. the one that I find to be my favourite kind of blogs are travel blogs.


Reading about people's experience of globetrotting makes me supremely envious. I love reading about the single traveller, couple or group of friends who are hitting the road and they talk about their experiences. They talk about the good and the bad of travelling abroad. I love going through their photos of picturesque places, sunsets, mountains and most important of all pictures of people. I fawn over the photos they take of far places and the beauty they see in a place.


I love the stories they tell. I just read a story where a certain blogger didn't have enough money to pay for a good hotel or hostel so she decided to plan her time travelling at night by train this gave her the opportunity to sleep. During the day she spent her time touring her destination. That post made me happy and reminded me that there was a time where I had to sleep in a car because there wasn't any proper accommodation. Although I did want ask her was she cleaning herself …. Maybe the trains had showers? I don't know.


I love such unorthodox blogs where the trip has been planned well in advance and we hope things will go well. But when they reach their destination they are really surprised at the things they have to go through. This ends up being a learning experience for the traveller as well as us readers. There was one post I read about a guy who wanted to visit as many European countries as possible. Everything was going to go well but he didn't account for paying visa fees. In the end it became impossible to go as many countries and his trip was limited to a few countries. Although he did make up for it by spending more time in one country and enjoying it rather than having a quick glimpse of the place.


My favourite travel blogs are the more established one whereby the bloggers are able to pay for their travels from the money they make blogging. They get to work anywhere and travel at the same time. Secondly these guys get paid to review hotels. If that is not heaven I don't know what is. I can't wait for my blog to be big enough so that I can earn proper money to let me travel the world without worrying about expenses.


Do you have any type of blogs that you love?

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