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How Does The Story End

I read in the book 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People that you should always start with the end in mind whenever you are doing any project. I must admit those are great words to live by and it keeps me focused on my goals. It also helps me not to deviate to do other things as I know what I am aiming for. With that I always start my week and my day with goals that I would like to achieve striving to reach all my targets. Yup this is going to be one of those posts so you can start rolling your eyes or enjoy my profound wisdom.

The reason I am writing about this right now is because I am currently watching a documentary about one of my favourite football stars – Wayne Rooney the goal machine. The link is here before YouTube decides to remove the video. Don’t you just hate it when they do so? In a nut shell the documentary talks about how Wayne develops as a normal footballer to the star he is right now. Here comes the twist, my question is did he know what he would turn out to be. Coz I have followed his life story passionately from the beginning being a huge fan and I can tell you ten years ago I didn’t think he will be a big star. This is because I know what happened at the start, especially the middle and now at the end I kind of know who he is.

What I really want to focus about on this post is the middle part, not of Wayne’s career, but our middle part. Do we really know how it’s going to turn out in the end? Here we are right now, our middle and to some it could be their beginnings and to others their ends. I am really happy for those who are done with their stories and they know their end. But what about the rest of us who are in the middle? Like you, I make great plans, have a target of what I want to achieve and while I am planning life happens which throws all my plans in disarray. There is a quote that says “God laughs at our plans.” I don’t know if it’s true but it feels that way sometimes. I can tell you from my experience that I didn’t think I would be here at this point in my life. I thought I would be somewhere else but life happened to me. I am not complaining or anything I just want to stress do we really know how the story ends?

Some of you guys have had relationships and you thought the person was the one with whom you will end up with but life happened in one way or the other. And here you are now with another one thinking now this is my forever after. Some people have had professional goals and they find themselves in in different professions. We are all left in limbo, our lives are not cut and dry. They are dynamic or uncertain. The uncertainty in life makes things very complicated, it can be frustrating while at the same time it’s exciting not know where we will end up. I am still not sure how my story ends but I am grateful so far for my journey.

Do you know how your story will end?


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