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The Other Half of The Rich

I have a confession to make, and no it's not about anything illegal or immoral. It's about this desire I have to see what the rich are doing and how they are living. I am not talking about the rich, ordinary rich, I am talking about the really wealthy. I am not referring to the best paid sportsman whose fortunes turn to dust as soon as he is caught with a scandal, sorry Tyson. The 0.01% the ones who started Facebooks, Microsfts, Hedge fund Managers, senior bankers, oil tycoons, the Rothschilds and the google brothers. The wealthy, the filthy rich, the guys who can go to a third world country and buy it, the people included.


I also want to refine this post to talk about not the makers of the fortune but the dependents, and the close friends. If for example my best friend creates a software program that google or Microsoft will come to buy it from him I would be very happy for him and go like "we are rich!!!!" And he is the one who did all the hard work. I am talking about the future wife of Zuckerberg, the Gates' child and the mistresses and girlfriends of financial tycoons. Another good examples are the Hilton children, Kardashian children and the princes from royalty in Saudi Arabia


They are the ones who have fun with the money. They don't have to work for 80 hours a week to maintain the fortune, they just spend it. I envy how they have the freedom to go to 7 star hotels in Dubai, whereby a room costs $ 15000 a night, a night!? How they travel to very exclusive resorts and go to Monaco for the weekend. They are paid appearance fees for attending events, while I pay to go to the same events. They live life knowing the money will never end, what a great feeling, I would love that feeling.


Would you like to live like the fabulously wealthy?






  1. I think we all want to say that we'd love to be filthy rich, but in reality I think I've learned that money causes a lot more problems than good, a lot of the time! Great thoughts.

  2. I think the rich should not spend money in hotel. It turned to prostitution in Poor Country.


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