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My Top 10 Football Transfers for 2014

It's been a busy summer for most clubs, I think all clubs but I can't be too sure. And we had plenty of players leaving one team and going to the other. From the crazy action from the summer to the deadline day here are my top 10 transfers who I think would make the recipient club better off while the former club worse off. I really wish I knew some programming to make a slide show for this post but alas.

                                                               1. Angel DiMaria
Since I am a united fan, my team comes first. Jesus knows why Madrid let him go but their loss is our victory.

2. Radamel Falcao
This was a last minute surprise as he came a few hours before the end of the deadline. I am very excited we have him in our squad, we already had too many strikers but two left for Madrid and Arsenal. Our main striker is meant to undergo a surgery and we will need his fire power. I have to mention he is being paid £ 300 k a week. I don't even earn that in a decade.

3. Diego Costa
This guy by far is a beast, he has already scored 4 goals and they have only played three games. Am sure Athletico were sad to see him leave but Chelsea are over the moon right now. I think he is the best forward right now in the premier league. I do wonder if he knows the meaning of packing the bus.

4. Cesc Fabregas
I wasn't going to talk about him because last season he snubbed our club saying that he plays for passion not for money- he lied. He is just a whore like the rest of us. But putting all that anger aside he is an excellent player and my conscience won't allow me to leave him out.

5. James Rodriguez
The famous Colombian golden boot winner went to Madrid. I don't know if he is that good but since he scored the most goals in the world cup he is worth mentioning. I don't know where he will fit in, in the team but am sure they will find a place – in the bench.

6. Luis Suarez
Aka the biter, the teeth, the rabid wolf, insert here any synonym that involves biting. He left Liverpool after scoring 30 goals for Barcelona. That is good business for both clubs as Liverpool got £ 70 mill and Barca got a guy with an eating disorder.

                                                                  7. Alexis Sanchez
This guy left Barcelona for Arsenal, I don't know the reasons why but he is a great addition to the London club. He has already scored twice this season so I guess he has proven his worth.

8. Mario Balotelli
You all knew I was going to mention him, I mean "why always me" he is back to the English Premier League and you know how he is a colourful character.

9. Xabi Alonso 
Bayern got their man, they really need someone at the back to hold the fort. He left Madrid for Munich.

10. Louis Van Gaal
He is not a player but a coach and he came in the transfer window. I am mentioning him because he is a great addition to our team and he will lead us to glory!!!! I tried to make that sound like Leonidas of 300 but I guess that failed.



I know I have left out a couple of other good signings like Wellbeck- lol. Who would do you think was a great summer transfer?

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