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listen to me now, am writing to you this letter or blog to make you think. i want to put my words down on this platform. most of my ideas get lost in the print and some are hidden from plain view and you have to really read to get what am saying.

mine is more than poetry where i have rules to follow stanzas and what nots. its more than a short story which has characters and hidden similies. its much more as i plant seeds in your mind that grow roots that attach to your heart.

i speak not in proverbs and in riddles i write plainly so that theem that can understand understand and those that cant oh well too bad. i write to you openly with no hidden meaning for you to see the errors of my ways and change your self.

this is not a morality class where i will tell you how the world is wrong and how to fix it. no this is me seeing the world as it is flat. and in all these me being able to see the really big picture that the world is circle.

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