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Drug Documentaries

I love documentaries, when I have nothing to do and I have a couple of hours to burn I go to YouTube to watch some documentaries. I am all for series and for movies but they have a time and place but with documentaries they can be watched any time. My favourite documentaries are the educative ones where they debunk myths; or talk about current events. I love history documentaries as well as they give you a different side of the same history I was taught about in school.


I have to confess the last two documentaries I watched were done when I was busy. Their stories were so captivating I had to watch bits and pieces of it while I was busy doing other stuff. Both documentaries had the same theme which were drugs. Hard drugs like cocaine and heroin, they revolved around various major drug traffickers like Pablo Escobar, the lord of the Sky and Griselda Blanco.


The reason for my fascination is how these big time drug lords were able to rise into prominence. Many of these guys were dirt poor living in slums in Colombia and Mexico and they became so powerful they were able to rival the government. Another interesting point is how much drugs they were able to smuggle into the USA, the Lord of the Sky moved 88 tons of cocaine from Mexico to the US. 88 tons!!! That is a lot, it's not even smuggling anymore but just distribution. At the height of their professional career they were making $ 100 mille in a year, what do you do with $ 100 mille? Those are too many zeros for me. And lastly the documentaries show the demise of the drug dealers, how they are gunned down and stuff.


Now my question is to all these small time drug peddlers, do they aspire to be like these guys the way I aspire to be like Richard Branson. Do they read self-help books on how to run a drug business efficiently- sell drugs make money now!!! By Tony Montana or How to save money while dealing drugs by AL Capone. Or do they look at their business plans and go like there is nothing we are doing with our lives?


Drugs have left a terrible mark on our communities. Many vulnerable people have fell victim to drug abuse and I don't in anyway condone the use of drugs.

Which kind of documentaries do you like?

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  1. Have you ever seen the movie Blow? About George Jung who established the cocaine market in the 70's..... the dude gets out of jail in 2015!! That's next year!!


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