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Comments By Trolls

Have you watched a really inspirational YouTube video; or read an incredible blogpost; seen a really funny picture on Pinterest and you go wow, that is really beautiful. You like the feeling the posted item makes you feel. The next thing you want to look at is the reaction people had to the post, to see if they felt the way you did. So you scroll down the comments "that was lovely"; "awesome" "funny stuff" and then you read this "the author can go to hell!!!" all in caps. You are like what the hell? Where did that come from? That is when you realize you have met a troll. Yup a troll, those creepy people who live under a proverbial bridge and have nothing to say but to piss you off. These are people who think what they are saying is snarky, funny or intelligent but sadly they just come off as immature.


These are the guys or girls, just to be gender sensitive, who hide behind a keyboard and a monitor and say mean things. The trolls take advantage of the anonymity that the internet provides because they can't say that stuff in a public place. These guys are able to turn the most beautiful, clever and creative thing to be an issue about race, gender, homophobia and whatever small people think about. They make you wonder what hole these guys came from. By the way some of these trolls are professional, these are not Nubs, and they didn't start the other day. I think they go to trolling school, get their diploma and further their education in some dingy college somewhere on the net. So that when they say something they hit you where it hurts.


The funny thing with these guys who have too much time on their hands is that they don't comment on things that are not popular. They wait for viral posts and they go like "I think I should ruin this guy's parade." I am not sure why they do this, maybe it's because they want to be part of the fame but can't come up with anything clever. Maybe they have issues that they can only resolve by bullying others. I think they get off from the controversy they start.


To be honest I used to find the comment sections of every popular item funny, until I had my first negative experience. I went to a book forum to find out how people liked a certain novel, this was before I had finished it, and there was a dude there who posted the ending. I was like "why? Why dude?" SMH. My next experience with these good for nothing fellows is when I saw them on my blog, the price of fame. At first I was grateful and excited, "my first trolls, oh how cute. I love you all" then I kept reading the comments then I was like "wait just a damn minute." I didn't handle the situation properly, I went down to his level and I replied to the troll by saying "your mama". Not my finest moment but I was pushed to that edge and I regretted afterwards. I am currently wary of anyone who comments on my blog and if it's a troll, I simply delete the post and move on.



How do you deal with trolls? Or negative comments that come your way?


  1. Luckily I haven't had any truly negative comments yet but I probably would take them more personally than I should!

    1. I am glad you havent gotten any so far. I hope they dont spoil your day either

  2. I haven't had any negative comment yet, but I've seen a lot on the internet! It's so unnecessary!!!

  3. Yeah luckily i haven't received any negative comments and I don't know why people do it in the first place. It's like if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything but somehow since you can be "anonymous" on the internet, people feel more liberated to say anything they want which is really annoying. I hate mean people!

    Hsiao-Ting (


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