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Katniss Exposed

When I was on twitter a couple of hours ago I saw that Jennifer Lawrence was trending but for all the wrong reasons. I saw there were naked photos of her on certain sites, first of all I rushed to the sites to see the photos, being a guy. Then later I was a bit disappointed to see the photos, nothing against her coz she is hot, because someone went out of his way to ruin her career. She has this nice image from the movies she has acted and her public persona but some guy decided to put that to an end.


The story is that some guys hacked the iCloud service from Apple and they were able to access a couple of celebrity nude photos and post them online on some sleazy site. I think those guys should be severely punished for doing that, I don't know what should be done to the culprits but the punishment should be harsh. Luckily many of the reputable sites refused to post the damaging photos but there are guys who don't have such high morals and put it out there for everyone to see.


As of now there has no official statement from Jennifer Lawrence's team and I honestly feel sorry her. I have nothing against people taking naked photos of themselves and sending to their boyfriends and better halves but I think we should look for safeguards to make sure they don't become public. First of all I think we should stop using cloud storage services because of their vulnerability and little control we have over them. We should keep our nasty photos or otherwise alternate art in our computers on some dark secret folder that has a name that is not related to anything worthwhile.


If Jennifer ever reads this, I know she won't, I would like her to know that I still have mad respect for her and she should hold her head high. It wasn't her fault but those iPeople's fault.


Do you send raunchy photos to your lovers?

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