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Three Months Left

It just dawned on me I have three months left here in Nairobi. I am counting October, November and December then I will be long gone. I have been planning to do this all year long but now it's all become real. Shit has just got real. In January I decided to go to business school, and I knew I needed to do a couple of exams to make it happen. I planned to do my GMATs after three months of study. I was also meant to do English exams, TOEFL, but I didn't do them, I mean my English is perfect, don't you dare comment about it. After I got my results I applied to Georgetown, I did my interview and waited for a response from them. I hit my first road bump by not being able to get in to Georgetown. I really wanted to get into business school so I applied to several other universities to make sure I do it this year. I applied to colleges in Germany, Canada and USA. Luckily I got to apply to Simon Business School and I got accepted. In hindsight I am really glad that I wasn't able to join GT, because the people at Simon were much cooler and they gave me a considerable scholarship. Yes it's all about the money.


Through up and downs in the year I am able to be grateful to be here in this point in time. I am just about to schedule my visa interview, that is another story for another day, and I am thinking about all the things I will be leaving behind. First and for most I will miss my family. You can never get too much of family and I will miss them dearly. Right now most of my family is a short walk from where I am and they are all easily accessible via phone. When I will be in a different continent, I will be only be able to see them once a year or in two years for only two or three weeks. That honestly saddens me.


The other people I will miss are my close friends. My other family, the guys God has been kind enough to give me while I am here. I can comfortably say that we will always be friends but there are certain experiences that I would like to have with them. I would like to be there for them when they are getting married, more children, having fun and to drink a bottle of vodka with them. I would still like to be here to share successes and failures with them. But alas the road we are going on together is coming to a folk and I have to left while they go right.


I have never been materialistic but I will miss all the things that make Nairobi, Nairobi. I am going to miss the horrible public transportation system; the beautiful landscapes; the crime; the wonderful wildlife; the weather and most importantly the culture. I was going to write the time zone but I thought better of it.


I still have a lot to do in the last 90 days and I am still dreading leaving this beautiful place that I call home.


  1. It's amazing how we can take a place for granted and then realise what a good thing we have when we have to move on from it. Sad to leave your family and friends but I guess a new chapter of your life awaits you and I'm sure they are all very happy for you! I would love to visit Kenya one day, I've only been as far as Nairobi airport in transit!

    1. yup am not looking forward to leaving my family

  2. Wow, I would be dreading leaving too! Nairobi looks like such an interesting and cool place! I would love to visit. I wish you the best of luck in Business school though! Enjoy the next 90 days to the FULLEST :)

  3. You are brave to set off on such an adventure. I have moved a lot, and been separated from my family. It is hard, but you will be fine, and you will make friends wherever you are. I am sure your family is very proud of you. Enjoy the coming months at home - and all the best to you in your future!! Keep writing - your blog is great!


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