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6 Degrees of Separation

I was reading this book called Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell and in it he tries to explain what make things become popular. He talks about the craze of hush puppies and the spread of certain diseases. From those two examples he explains that there are certain kinds of people in the world who make things popular or viral. The spread of diseases is also because of certain people. Despite other causes of that make a disease spread like hygiene, culture and health related issues; the diseases like HIV/AIDS spread because there were people who were very popular and were able to transmit it.


With the example of hush puppies he says that the sales of the shoes were so low that the company was about to be closed down. Until these guys, let's call them trendsetters, put on the hush puppies shoes and the sales skyrocketed. This is because the trend setters are so influential that the masses follow what they do blindly. The owners of the company didn't do anything special to make their shoes a hit, they didn't change their marketing strategy or drop the prices or anything they woke up one morning and found themselves being trendy.


Six degrees of separation is a theory that states that everyone and everything is a six or five steps way by way of introduction from any other person in the world. The reason I am talking about the six degrees of separation is because I am looking for that fifth or sixth person who will make my blog popular. I am looking for the trendsetter to read my blog and make it a household name through his or her influence. Anybody or anything that became popular was at one point unpopular and the only reason that status changed is because they must have met up with a trendsetter. The trendsetter must have sprinkled his magic and made the person explode into stardom.


The trendsetters I am talking about are the guys who have five thousand friends on Facebook, a good number of followers on other social networks and through their approval they can make me or you go viral. Some of them are celebrities but most of these guys are normal people like you and me but have this uncommon influence over other people. They always seem to be in the know, and can give you great advice on how to achieve something.


Are you my sixth person to make my blog explode to notoriety?


  1. That's an interesting idea. I guess some bloggers do skyrocket to the top pretty quickly. Hope you find your trendsetter!


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