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Virtual Assistants Jobs Experience

I wanted to make money online and I decided to look for virtual assistant jobs. There were plenty of sites that provide these services but the ones that stood out to me were ELance and Odesk. The others required me to pay for some fees to look for jobs which felt counter intuitive to what I was doing. I want to get paid not to pay. To be honest all of them ask you to pay some fee, even the two mentioned above have a free starter service and if you want more opportunities you must pay.


I didn't know what to expect so I dived right in I started profiles with both websites. There are plenty of jobs that are advertised over there which was very positive to see. Most of the jobs I was looking for were blogging jobs - obviously and article writing opportunities. As those are my strongest attributes at the moment but I will also look at writing essays and term papers later. The first thing I saw, was there are so many people who are like me looking for the same jobs. I wonder how employers chose who to work with? I have to mention that the people with the most experience on these sites are the ones who get most jobs. That means I will get there someday - persistence.


Another thing I noticed about these sites is that when a job is posted it takes a while before the employers get back to you. I applied for a couple of jobs last week and only two people got back to me. Personally I was hoping for a quick turnaround where I would apply today and get feedback either the same day or the one that follows. I guess some things never change. I think that falls under the things that we can't control.


I have to mention also that there are fraudsters on those sites. They would give you work that doesn't seem practical to accomplish and being a newbie you would be fooled to doing them. I was asked to do a data entry job with the hope of being paid at the end of 1000 entries. I was like cool let's do this. It turns out to fill in 10 entries alone would take a minimum of 30 minutes and the pay was $ 12 per 1000 entries. So I passed on it.


I think these sites are cool giving people the options of working from home and I highly encourage people who have free time to work for them. I will continue doing this for a couple of more months and hopefully I will post positive results.


Have you tried working as a virtual assistant?


As well as leaving your comment here you can tweet me at @mukuba2002 and I will reply