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Sleep My Old Friend

When I chose sleep as the title I knew it would be an odd selection and what would my readers think. I mean sleep is so natural and obvious all one has to do is close their eyes and there it is sleep. So you might assume I am going to talk about dreams, my dreams and try to explain them on the net. Or I am not going to talk about how to sleep better, - the foetal position, tips and tricks for sleeping. But no am going to talk about plain sleep.


Sleep isn't so obvious for me like most people because I suffer from what they call insomnia. Yes the big I, there is nothing like the big I, I just made it up. I struggle to find sleep at night and when I do, I find myself waking up after two to four hours and I lie awake the whole night. This gives me plenty of time to rethink all of my life decisions, blogging ideas, think what I will be doing tomorrow and if I can, I read a book. In annoyance to the person sleeping next to me.


I have read there are plenty of causes for insomnia: stress, disease and an imbalance in the brain. I don't know what the cause of my brand of insomnia is because I have never gone to the doctor to be diagnosed. I am one of those guys who believe in going to hospital when I am knocking on heaven's door and Saint Peter is about to open. FYI my girlfriend hates that but we are who we are. So last night I didn't sleep not because I was stressed but coz I got some exciting news and I had too much adrenaline in my system.


In keeping with tradition I opened up my kindle app, tried to catch up on my reading but I couldn't focus. So I turned to YouTube my new best friend. I watched a couple of videos until day break and I was able to sleep for an hour. I really do wish that sleep was my friend, but we are mere acquaintances.


Do you have problems sleeping?


  1. great post! i need to put my phone far away from my bed so i don't scroll through it and stay up - it makes it hard for me to sleep! xo

  2. I have been drinking a tea lately that is supposed to help (don't really notice a difference but I'm still trying!). Otherwise, I just fall asleep with the TV on...


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