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i was told that bloggers are people of small characters and they have big ideas they want to share with the world. this is partly true due to the profiles we create onloine and the avators we choose to have. we often think we can improve with what God gave us to somebody who we saw in a magazine or in a movie "JOHNNY DEPP ROCKS". what i want to say to such comments is that it is true. but i dont have a small character according to any standard. if u were to compare me to the rest i would be above the rest in skill and talent let alone physical features.
about the big ideas there i have a problem. most of things i relay are about things that had occurred in the past or that are going to happen and how suuch events shape my emotions. all in all i write about me not about the better me where we all assume to be but the real me the arse who cares little about others

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