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Books Am Reading – August Edition

This post has come a bit late, but a lot has happened since the beginning of this month. Here is my reading list for this Month

Blog Inc – I read that the first week of the month and it's a real eye opener for me and other people who are beginning to blog

The Magicians Land – this is the final book in the trilogy for Lev Grossman. The first two books are The Magicians, and The Magician King. I wouldn't say it's a classic trilogy but I read it because it just got released this month. So the story of Quintin Coldwater comes to end.

The compound effect – I am still reading this book, for the second time through. I normally read books like these so many times over.

Power of Positive Thinking- Please look above

Blogging for dummies – I really want to improve my blog and make it very popular and maybe make money one day.

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