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Some Jobs

The other day my friends and I were talking about jobs, and how some people are suited for others while others aren't. For example there are people who could be nurses while there are other people who could be doctors. Nurses have this delicate nature with them that allows them to properly take care of patients while doctors are doctors, no offense. All my doctor friends tell me that the hospitals are run by nurses and I am inclined to agree. That is deviating from the point though, I am talking about how certain people are good at certain jobs. Some would say they are born to do those jobs.


There are jobs like sales jobs that I think are one of the hardest to do especially if you don't have the personality. I respect all the sales people out there because without them every company would fail because the companies don't sell the products it's the sales people who do that. They are very integral in the companies they work in and get very little appreciation. In my experience with sales, my extensive experience, there are times when you are met with the worst of the worst clients. The guys who are there to belittle you and berate you so much you want to tell them off. They make you look so desperate and unworthy you want to tell them "I don't need this job! I have a degree. And I can go hungry for a couple of days and sleep on the streets"


Another job that I think would be difficult is being a personal assistant to someone who is incompetent and has self-esteem issues. Also this applies to working under someone who is just a .... you know what i mean. Despite of the job description of being a personal assistant, your boss would make you do things which go over and above the call of duty. They would ask you to do things that are very silly like pick up dry cleaning, take care of their dogs and much much more demeaning tasks. The thing I dislike most about such positions is that when the employer makes a mistake it is all your fault and if it wasn't for you everything would have been fine. Meanwhile the reason the mistake happened is because the boss messed up.


This last job position is the one that is in all fields where you are working in a group setting or a team. And in the team the people you are working with are incredibly unmotivated and they expect you to carry everyone in the group. They complain about everything, take forever to do their work and blame everyone but themselves for the position they are in. These people drain you physically and emotionally to the point you just want to get back home and not to go back to work the next morning. Those guys make unemployment to feel pretty lucarative.


Which job did you dislike the most?


  1. Dude - i know what you mean. I would hate to work with people who just complain and don't do their job. I don't think I could stand that. I think one of the most important part of a job is the people you work with since you see them the most so you better get along with them!
    Hsiao-Ting (

    1. i know right? there are guys who make things 10 times worse


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