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The grim reaper has been making rounds on my family tree. This month alone he has been able to pluck out five branches of our well established line. With no mercy and hesitation he has taken a couple from us and left us with voids that can't be filled. With his sure steps and scythe as a tool he has moved from home to home looking for new accomplishments to his already long list of achievements. He works during the day or the night never late to miss an appointment. He has taken my beloved ones from hospitals and in their beds.


Members of my family have gone to a place where I can't follow. They journey they were on this earth has come to an end and they have gone to the next level to meet our Maker. When they took their last breath, in pain or peaceful they moved on to the other side. To where we are told there is no pain, no temptation and no evil. They are at peace. Although their physical bodies decay, their soul is at rest waiting to be called back to life by our Master for judgement.


As I have been left behind knowing that I will never be able to see, talk and share with them again. I am forlorn with the memories that we shared together. I can fondly reminisce about how they laughed, what interested them and how they would have reacted to a certain situation. The sad part is that I knew my family members were sick and have been suffering for some time. Some were in excessive pain and others had a little pain. But when they finally died I was still in shock and cursing why this has happened.


I don't think I will be able to understand death, and how it works. I know it has a purpose in life but how it chooses its victims is just wrong. When I die, I will ask the Man upstairs to help me understand why it works this way.



Any thoughts on death?

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  1. This is a beautiful piece of writing. I am very sorry for your loss and like you, I have many questions about death.


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