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I am back

Wow its been a minute since I was here. The reason for all of that is because I was deftly busy but finally I have been able to find time to update you guys - whoever is left reading these posts. I guess I will be forced to build an audience.
So here is a recap of what has happened in the last 6 months
I moved out to a new home.
I became a full-time Freelancer - I mean really did
6 months passed.
There is a lot to say but all we be said in due time. I will try and post as often as my free time allows me. As we move on from here, I should talk about the things I would like to bring about - New Categories:
My twisted humour
Tech I wish to Have
Video Games
and my general posts
Within these 3 categories, I am sure there will always be content for you guys to read

Anyways I am back

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