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I have walked this earth 30 odd years, and in my experience I have got to learn a few things. When I was younger I learnt what was hot and what wasn't. I was taught how to eat solid food and not rely on breast milk. I was taught how to laugh, and how to use a potty. As I got older I learnt more complex things either through instruction or from experience. And you should know I became wiser. Most of my formal education taught me about mathematics, sciences religion and languages. I was taught how and why the world works the way it does.


When I got out of school that is when the advice stopped being black and white, and I was taught about grey areas. I was shown how things aren't what they seem and there is more to a story than meets the eye. To become more adept in informal schooling, the school of hard knocks, I started to read various books on life. The books I gravitated around were on literature, psychology, human nature and some self-help. I was determined to learn about things that I knew little about. Although there is a vast library of books there were still some things I had to learn by myself. For example no book can teach you how to kiss, only experience does that.


Now here I am with a vast knowledge of formal and informal education and I am able to impart my wisdom to many people. Anyone who has a problem and asks for my help I can quote books from the bible, the Iliad, Bhagavad Gita, and various notable authors. I will be able tell him or her how to solve his or her problem. If I am to encounter something I don't know, and I don't know plenty, I refer the matter to my peers who could have more experience in it and in the end we are able to solve any problem. Most of my wisdom is clothed with humour but none the less they are nuggets of truth. I dare to say I love to help people with my experience.


The irony is with all I that know I am unable to help myself. Whenever I am hit by a serious challenge I sometimes have no advice for myself. Isn't weird how I am able to help other people but I am blind to my problems. With all the foresight I have, I can't just dip into my wealth of knowledge to help myself? I need to look for outside resources which I should be already having deep within me. If someone has a problem with money, a bad habit, relationship issue, professional one; it's so easy to help them from Zaby's book of wisdom. But, when am faced with the same challenges I am sometimes left at a loss. What makes my problem worse or bigger or unsolvable unlike other people's problems? Maybe it's because am on the driver's seat and I can't see the big picture. Luckily in such situations I go to my friends for help and to my books to guide me through my situation.


Do you have problems giving yourself advice?

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  1. I think it's always much easier to give advice when you're an outsider, like you say you see the bigger picture and don't only see things from 'Zaby's perspective'! Luckily it sounds like you have good friends who can offer you solid advice and great books as resources too. I too have trouble solving my own problems - always easy when its someone else!


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