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The last time I posted was a couple of days ago and this is because let's say I had "technical difficulties". The price to pay for using the services that are available to me. I hope you guys have been fine and are ready to hear from me again. I didn't plan to post anything for today but just to recap what has happened during the last couple of days.


The first major big news is that Manchester United signed Angel Dimaria – am so very excited about that. I believe he was one of the unsung hero for Real Madrid and Argentina and am happy he will be wearing the Red Devils' colours. He was bought for £ 60 mille, a little too much for my liking but then again he is an angel. In other news about United is that we lost 4-0 to some team called MKdons. Why? Why?


During my downtimes I have been watching this series called Nurse Jackie, it is really cool and I highly recommend it. The first two season are more interesting than the season 3 and 4. I think they lost their main writer or s/he didn't put much effort in those two seasons. I am going to watch season 5 but I don't have any expectations for it.


Oh I almost forgot I started a facebook page for this blog the url is Its weird I have over 2000 friends on facebook and as of now I only have 70 likes, what is up with that my people? Like the page!!!! Please J



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