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Crazy Jesus

Before you roll your eyes because of the title of this post and think of me as anti-Christian, I want you to know this is not a post about bashing Jesus or Christianity. I am a Christian and I have been all my life, sometimes I sin - a lot but I am still a Christian. I subscribed to this service from day one and I have been receiving weekly updates ever since. The title is crazy Jesus because I consider Jesus to be my best friend and with all my friends I make fun of them. So this post is about making fun of him or how else will I show him we are close friends. I am going to talk about his crazy activities according to the Gospels.


Crazy Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. According to the gospel, Jesus was told 2 days before Lazarus' death that the dude was ill and if he doesn't come quickly Lazarus will kick the bucket. Jesus then decides to wait two more days, two more days. I have to mention that Lazarus' sister Mary had washed Jesus' feet with expensive oil. But Jesus still waited for a couple of days and went to his grave four days after his death. If I was Mary I would have had a few colourful things to say to Jesus, but luckily she wasn't me. Jesus then spoke to the dead guy and he came back to life. This is all cool, and I believe everything the bible says but hasn't Jesus just ruined a well-orchestrated funeral? Do you know how complicated laying a person to rest, setting up his affairs, his social security no. his life insurance and all that? But Jesus was like nope, am bringing him back. "We had already said good bye and everything." On the positive side all the guys Lazarus owed money to were now going to be compensated.


Jesus did a lot of miracles, healing the sick, giving sight to the blind etc. the miracles that I am not too fond of are the ones where he broke the laws of science i.e. gravity. We all know he walked on water to get to his disciples. Now this is how I see it, according to the book of John the disciples had rowed for some distance into the lake and there was a raging storm. Then Jesus has the audacity to come walking on the water to them whistling, ok he wasn't whistling. Can you imagine if you were there on the lake but on a different boat and you didn't know Jesus and you saw a man walking on water? Won't you be like "what the hell is going on?" or you were on the shore and you see the dude going on to the lake without even raising his garment, I can't remember the name of the clothes they wore. He just walked on water. Physics be damned, he just walked. After I was convinced it was Jesus, like john I would have gone to Him. And from then on, I would never use a boat, just walking all the time on water. I would even moon walk on the water. People would call me Zaby the water walker.


There is a lot my best friend did that was crazy and insane and I can't mention all of them in this post. Maybe I will blog about it in the future. I will end this post by talking about the craziest thing he did and that was to die for all of us. That wasn't easy but he did it anyway so that we can have a relationship with His father –God. That is love, He sacrificed Himself for us.


In your opinion what is the craziest thing Jesus did?

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