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Lost Phones

 In the last forty days I have lost two phones. I was robbed twice when I was using public transportation. This normally happens when I am alighting the public buses and someone puts their hands in my pocket and relieves me of my phones. The phones I had weren't expensive they were the cheapest things I could buy in the market. I didn't buy them because they are cheap, but because of the convenience they gave me. Personally I don't want or need a smart phone, all due respect to anyone who has one, all I want with a phone is the ability to communicate. Low end phones like Nokias, Samsungs and the rest, are incredible because they hold charge for a longer amount of time. Even though I have half an hour to an hour conversations on the phone, it will still have charge for two or three days. I didn't care much about the phones I had or lost because I was slated to be in Nairobi of only 2 months. Although now my circumstances have changed and I find myself staying here for 6 more months. Thus I need a phone that would keep me until the end of this period. And I need to be more careful with the new phone


I went and got a Huawei Y210, the other day, and it is a smart phone. For me getting that phone contradicts what I have just said in the previous paragraph but I have a good reason to why I bought it. When I was at the store I was going to buy another budget phone using the reward points or loyalty points from my phone service subscriber (bonga points) and I wasn't able to get a low end phone with the points I had. That led me to get the Huawei Y210, ironically it is a budget smart phone so it doesn't make me to be too much of a hypocrite.


The specs for the phone are below for those who are techies

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