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Bidding on EBay

The whole of yesterday I was waiting to bid for a tablet on EBay. I have never done something like this before but I was very excited about getting a tablet at a steal. Usually I go to the buy it now option and forget about the hustle of bidding but last night was feeling dangerous. I was going to take some risk and see how people do it. The first thing I will tell you is that it isn't as simple as you think. I thought the process was straight forward and I could get my next tablet at a steal. But I was wrong.


The listed bidding price 3 hours before the auction was £ 20 and I was like a tablet for £ 20 that is mad. I kept hovering on the page waiting for my chance to bid not wanting to show my hand too quickly and after 30 minutes of impatiently waiting I bid £ 30. EBay told me that I was the highest bidder and I knew I was going to get this tablet for a very low price. I went back to the website regularly every 20 or 30 minutes to see where my bid was and I also downloaded the app so that I won't miss anything. I was on my way to get a £ 30 tablet and it was two minutes left on the countdown.


That is when the internet scavengers started appearing, someone quickly outbid me and I had to raise my stakes to £ 40. It was nerve racking because I knew I was still within my budget and I wanted to save as much possible. The clock when ticking down to 30 seconds left and I was still the highest bidder. Something told me to up my bid but I ignored that voice to my peril. During the last 10 seconds someone came in a swooped in like a hawk and bid £ 41. I had no time to react as the eBay page was refreshing I only had a 5 seconds to place my bid and by the time I did so it was too late. The system wouldn't let me put in my bid in time. I must admit I was very disappointed for not getting the tablet.


After a few minutes of wallowing and being angry at myself for not listening to that other voice, I looked for other auctions telling myself that I will not be thwarted twice. I was on a mission to buy a tablet and to buy it cheap. I should say inexpensive but who cares I had a bruised ego and I won't go down twice. Unfortunately the next three tablets I place bids on were bought by other guys and I did eventually get one for £ 60.



Bidding is a lot of fun to be honest you can get stuff at a very good price although I don't know how it works out for the seller. Do you bid on items or do you out rightly by them?

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