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I joined Bloglovin, I have been looking for a blogging network for a while that will let me connect with likeminded bloggers. It seems to have what am looking for right now, and I like how it is organized. It's very simple and plain and I have always said there is a genius in simplicity. I have been going through a couple of blogs that are listed and I have to say I am very impressed. There are a couple of well-established blogs out there that are very interesting. I just read a blog about 7 mistakes I always make while travelling and it was very engaging. You should read it.


I stumbled upon this blogging network through Facebook and I quickly became a member. I even got the application for my android phone so I can read and comment on blogs on the go. The other reason I got on this network and other sites like these is because I want to increase my readership, I don't know if that is an English word, and get more followers. As of now I have very few visits and I feel the bulk of those visits are me trying to fix the blog or just looking at it. So I hope through this site I can build a following, get more traffic and put my blog out there.


I don't like being negative, and the challenge I am finding is getting blogs that have few followers so as to build my network with them. It's great to build a network with established blogs but it's much harder to do it with them as many smaller blogs like mine are trying to network with them. Although there are benefits to it. I will comb through the network and hopefully find smaller blogs while I try and connect with other bigger blogs. I know it's going to take me some time to get my blog to be out there with a massive following but this is a step in the right direction.


As of now am trying to follow a few blogs, not too many because in the past I tried following too many people and too few reciprocated. The ones I am really interested in are personal blogs and travel blogs, because I love to travel.

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