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Dr Vincent Kituku

I got to meet Dr Kituku I think two or three years back. I was immediately taken to him as his persona is very magnetic. So who is Kituku, he lives in Idaho, no idea where that is, and he works as a motivational speaker and of late his main focus is raising funds for his charities. It's really amazing meeting people who devote their lives to helping others. Through his speeches he has changed the lives of many people, me included, companies and civic leaders.


I met him when he came to Kenya for his charity Caring Hearts Hands of Hope (CHHH). Personally I think those are too many 'H's but it works and so be it. About CHHH, it's an organization that works with vulnerable children in Kenya where it helps them out through various ways. They are involved in paying for school fees, hospital bills; building schools and homes; and most importantly capacity building. The services it provides in the society is truly a blessing. When you see what the community members are going through, you will be glad about the work CHHH is doing. Kituku being the chair of the organization is an enigmatic leader who is actively involved with the charity. Although it is run in Kenya he travels frequently to oversee how things are going.


Whenever I have a chance to talk to Kituku, I am always uplifted and excited about my life as he tells me things that motivate me. He turns simple conversations to avenues where he shows you how to grow as a person and to be a better individual. After talking to him, it feels like you have known him your whole life and you don't want the conversation to end as it's full of rich positive nuggets.


I do hope people get as excited to talk to me as they do with him. Anyways you can find more information about Dr Vincent Kituku over here and his charity

FYI this isnt a sponsored post, I wanted more people to know about him

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