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Simon Business School

I am glad to say the wait is over and the mystery to which school applied to ends. The reason I didn't mention the name of the business school is because I wasn't sure about the rules that surround social media and admissions. Maybe I was overly paranoid, but its better being safe than sorry.


After a month or longer of waiting, I am not sure how long, Simon Business School finally admitted me and I am a prospective student of the school. I won't be joining the full time fall program, but the accelerated MBA winter program. Apparently there is no difference between the two programs but one has a summer internship while the other doesn't but graduation is on the same day, sometime in 2016. I don't regret not getting in the Fall program because when I was applying to it there was little time left for me to source funding for the school, do my TOEFL exam, and apply for a visa. It was cutting things pretty close. So this gives me plenty of time to do all that before January next year. I even have sometime for correcting any mistakes that I could make along the way.


I am a bit lucky to be honest, I don't have to wait for a full year to apply for another school. There aren't many schools that offer winter programs in the US. So far I extensively searched the top 50 Business Schools in the US and it's only Simon and Yale have programs in both Fall and Winter and lucky Simon was so helpful and accommodating. I didn't apply to Yale because they weren't as helpful, not to say they were bad to me but they weren't as forth giving with information to my questions. Am sure it's a great school, and the people there are awesome but I wish they handled my case differently.


In hindsight am really glad how things went, the rejection from Georgetown. I must admit I was a bit crest fallen when they told me that I couldn't get in, but from how things panned out am glad I didn't get in. The irony. As most students will attest to this, financial aid is really important. Unless you are wealthy and it's not an issue to you. Comparing Georgetown Mcdonough and Simon, Simon gives out a considerable merit based scholarship, with the option of getting more scholarships according to their website. This is a huge relief to me as I wouldn't need to look for so much money to pay for tuition and living expenses.


Wow this post has gone longer than I wanted so am going to stop here and I will update you about the school stuff in the coming days. If you haven't gotten admitted to Business School in the US this is how the email looks like … ok part of it


"Dear Zablon,
Greetings from the Simon Business School! I hope this e-mail finds you well.  On behalf of the Admissions Office, I am pleased to be the first person to tell you the good news – you have been admitted to the Full Time Accelerated 18-Month MBA program at the Simon Business School for Winter 2015.  Congratulations!  We have also awarded you a merit scholarship of ##%.
In approximately 1-2 business days, you will be receiving an email with unique log-in instructions for access to our Admitted Student Portal online.  Here you will find helpful information to guide you on the following:
  • A link to the Enrollment Response Form, which will allow you to formally accept your offer of admission electronically.
  • A link for paying your deposit online via credit card
  • Details on when/where/how to submit your official transcript(s) and all test scores to our office
  • Financial Aid options
  • Curriculum details and links to our Academic Calendar online
  • Housing Information (on and off campus options)
  • Orientation details and additional information from our Student Services Office
  • Career Management Information
  • How to join our exclusive Admitted Student Facebook group

That was the email sent to me. This is how the response looks like on the application portal 

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