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The Ugly Side Of Social Media

Have you ever wondered how many social media sites that are available to you? There are about 206 social sites (I didn't know the no. either, until I just checked it on Wikipedia). It's obvious that we all don't use all of them, we just use the ones that suit our preferences. For example am a big fan of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, blogs and YouTube, that is where I spend the bulk of my idle time. When these social websites approach us with their marketing gimmicks we think it's safe to trust them with our information. So we signup in two or three steps, some even with just one, they don't even ask for your password they just give you one (presumptuous aren't they).


In the beginning we look for our friends who are on it and find that maybe we have just one or two people there or in some cases everyone is there and we are the last ones late to the party. That is Instagram for me, I am still not on it. Once we find we have a following and we are following other people then we start posting stuff on there. This is all good and I believe everyone who is big on social media should be doing it. Unfortunately here is where the ugly part has begun.


There are various ways where these social sites work against you. One of the biggest problems that happen is cyber bullying and it's a very sad site seeing people going through that. Fortunately I haven't been a victim of it but I have witnessed how guys can reduce you to shreds. #Kenyansontwitter are known to be cyber bullies and woe on to you if you cross their paths. Thousands upon thousands of people send you hate messages and personally I don't how the victims get through it.


Another negative side about social media is what you post on the internet is permanent, even if you decide to remove the post a few minutes later the information is still out there. This happened to Rihanna, yesterday she posted something about the conflict between Gaza and Israel and she removed it quickly. But the news had already spread that she was talking about it, I don't know what the ramifications of her doing so but I guess we will see in time. What I can tell you is that she regrets doing it and she can't undo it.


I am not a fan of social sites selling your information to marketing companies, employers and other agents. This is a serious problem especially if you post negative or inappropriate remarks which can be used against you when you are looking for work. It's not all doom and gloom in the social media world. There are very many positive aspects to it as am a big fan of it. I would urge you to be responsible to what you do over there as you don't want it to haunt you.

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