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Secret of Happiness

I was reading about the secret to happiness. I was expecting to be told about some hidden technique that is only attained after years of study in a monastery. Because there are so many of us who are unhappy and we want to be happy. I bore through the article and read it thoroughly to make sure I haven't missed anything. Even the things that could be written in between the lines.

The article was a bit lengthy and the author finally came to the secret of happiness. It was with baited breath that I read and finally found the secret to happiness. I was a bit disappointed to be honest when I found out the secret. I thought I would find out some extraordinary mystery to the universe but the answer was plain and simple. The secret to happiness is to choose to be happy. That threw me off as I couldn't understand that the reason I am unhappy is because I choose to be unhappy.

I thought the cause of my unhappiness were outside forces, the environment, things that have happened to me. I blamed everyone and everything but me. Then it dawned on me, it is true that we choose to be unhappy whether its consciously or unconsciously. This is due to the fact that happiness comes from inside and nothing we acquire or do can make us happy unless we are already happy from inside.

So I choose to be happy from now on. I wake up every morning grateful and glad for the day, despite the crazy hell that i could be going through. To help you with your happiness listen to what Pharell had to stay about it:

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