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Graduate School Funding

Now that the excitement of getting admitted has died down its time to get down to business. It's time to plan how to get there and be properly prepared for school. The next step is looking for funds to pay for business school. After that is getting an I-20, because I am an international student, then going to the American Embassy for a visa, lastly would be looking for housing and then getting there.


As of right now we are - in the looking for funding stage. I have been planning on this for a while although it could be a daunting task I am ready for the challenge. Thanks to Simon Business School they gave me a sizeable scholarship to which I am very grateful. They really are partners in the investment of my future. The scholarship they gave me was a great starting point for me. I will still check if there are other opportunities of funding from them in the form of grants, fellowships and other scholarships. I am hoping I haven't exhausted that well.


Another major source of funding is getting a private loan. I looked at banks over here but their rates are exorbitant and so I will turn to lending institutions from the USA. I have identified a bank that I would like to do this for me and I hope it works out with them. I have never borrowed money before unless it's from family and friends which I always payback, sometimes ;). And I don't know the procedures, or the pitfalls to avoid. I do hope its straight forward and the bank officials are easy to work with.


My last source of getting funds is through personal savings and donations from family. I am not expecting much from here but anyone who is willing to give me a dollar it will be highly appreciated. I am already very grateful for what my family has done so far and I salute them. I have to save every single shilling I have before I get to the school.


Other sources of income am looking at while I am at the school would be student employment. Since I don't know anything about that yet I am not going to talk about it. This is step two of my 1000 – mile journey


  1. I applied to 3 different programs before I finally decided to go to grad school. And I waited until I got a job that paid for 75%. It's expensive! But don't worry, there is lots of info abut grants and scholarships. Good luck on your search!

    1. wow that is so awesome, you are right it is a pricey investment


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