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On the road again

Yesterday I had one opportunity to enjoy my guilty pleasure of travelling. I got the chance to hit the road to Kamba country and see what lays there. Although it was just a social visit, going to see my friend's grandma, I was lucky to see the beautiful landscape that Kenya is lucky to have. On the way there we drove by a little tortoise trying to cross the road. I got off the car helped the guy get by and put him on the other side. He was barely the size of my hand. He is the picture of the little guy, since I couldn't keep him, I decided to name him Tommy. Tommy seems like a cool turtle name.

On another note I was impressed to see what the government is doing on that part of the country. It is making roads there and am really looking forward to that kind of development in that area. Maybe they will be done by August or October but am glad it is done. Kudos to the government. 

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