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hate me

habari yako?
hate me, hate me like that bad habit you cant get rid of. that itch that you cant scratch enough times. that thirst u cant quench with one bottle. that feeling that wakes u in the middle of the night calling your name or shouting it in your veins. hate me like that bad habit that you try to hide to your loved ones. when you steal time away from them to feed your addiction. and when you are caught u are not ashamed anymore of being an addict. or when u are trying to quit u still cant get rid of me cause your friend somewhere is using me. hate me like u hate the pill that took you back to the gutter. like the bottle that led to u alienating your family and your friends. like the drug that made you loose your job cause i kept u high for too long.

hate me, hate me like u hate your neighbor. the one who always does better than you. the one who has the better car, better job, better family and worse still he has a better looking wife. the one who eats proteins daily and you cant afford it anymore in your diet. the one who never fails and keeps getting a promotion. the one your wife compares you to fuck him. hate me like u hate ur neighbor the one who pretends to be your friend and u detest his friendship. the one who never has problems and the ones he has he doesnt need. hate me like u hate his wife his job and his kids.

hate me like u hate ur father in law. that bastard who says u will never be good enough for his daughter. the man who didn't make much for his family but still criticizes the way u live. the man who thinks ur business and your profession is a joke. the one who thinks u will never grow up and will always be a small boy to him. he thinks his daughter keeps making the same mistake she did yesterday by being with u and she is still making it today. the man who hates ur guts and everything about you.

hate me like u hate ur boss. the one who thinks he is doing u a favor by employing you. he gives you all his work and complains on how u did it. he does understand that u can fall sick or u have responsibilities other than his silly job. hate me like u hate him and u don't have any other option. he makes u so angry and the only reason u go back is cause u have bills to pay. hate me like ur boss and any mistake u make is cause of his incompetence and he still blames u.

hate me, hate me like u hate the one ur lover slept with. the one who was there for her or him when u had problems and u thought it was ur friend and all this time he was planning ur downfall. hate me like him who took advantage of ur lovers weak moment to impress his intention.the one who made to never trust her again, and to make u go to the hospital cause u are afraid he gave ur lover a disease and she has given it to u. the one who wanted to break ur home and make it his or hers. hate me cause i will still make her do it again.

hate me like u superman hates lex. the one who know his secret and knows how to take u down. hate me like Popeye hates Brutus even though the number times u beat me up i will still be here. hate me like spiderman hates venom, like batman and the joker

if u don't have a reason to hate me just hate cause i am me.

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