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Apple Keynote 2014

I just watch the Apple keynote for 2014, I am a big fan of keynote speeches and I think I have watched all technology related ones for the last 5 years. I know it's a lot but I got to have a hobby. I love how we are introduced to new technology and we hear words like "innovative", "new", "exciting" and my personal favourite "lastly never seen before" being bandied around. While the companies try and amaze us and our wallets for the new products they have in store for us for the coming year and only for a year. This is because after 9 months the technology becomes obsolete and old, - why? But then again that is marketing for you.


So they have the iPhone 6 and IPhone 6 Plus which are both bigger and they have been improved in every way over the previous one. The camera is better with some no. of pixels, the screen is bigger and more HD and cuter than the last one. I know I should be giving you specs to show that I am knowledgeable but if you want that stuff you came to the wrong blog. The phone does look great and from what they showed everything looks cool. I was impressed with the camera coz I like taking photos, being my nature- luhya. Secondly the games looked really smooth. I love playing games, when am free, in the bus and also when I am busy with deadlines hanging over my head.


They introduced Apple Pay, I have no idea why they are against carrying cards. My cards are fine ok? But I guess it's the future and you can pay for stuff with just a touch. I do have to say I was impressed with the feature. Security and privacy is stressed well and that is a big sale for me. The one touch payment looked so convenient especially with in app purchases. You don't have to fill in all those details anymore: where you live; card no.; and secure code.


Lastly they talked about Apple watch. It was about time they came into the wearable market. True to Apple vision, they are able to take what other people are doing and make it better. The Apple watch looks really great I would dare to say it's much better than all other android watches. Without going to all the details about the bells and whistles, it really looks good and very easy to use. Personally I am not a fan of wearables, and I can't stand the idea of charging my phone, tablet and now my watch at the same time. But I guess it's the future and I have to embrace it with the rest of the world.


All in all the iPhone 6 is sick. Did anyone notice they didn't say anything about their tablet? I did. Will you be buying any Apple products this year?


  1. I have to say, I like the size of my iPhone right now...the iPhone 6 looks a little on the big side for me; I didn't watch the "unveiling" but I'm totally down for being able to pay for something on my phone! I do it with Starbucks and would love to do it with EVERYTHING; however, that means I better not lose my phone! lol

  2. the apple pay is pretty handy, i think that is what i like most about the whole presentation


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