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Failure As An Option

I had an eventful weekend on Friday, I went to my neighbour's graduation ceremony. She was getting a certificate in business, it might not sound as impressive to you as it should be but you should know that she is 70 years old and she has been running a clinic for the last 17 years. She went for the classes to get more business acumen to run her health organization in a professional manner. It was amazing to see her graduate, I technically didn't see her graduate coz I had gone to the loo, but it was nice seeing her happy.


In the ceremony the main speaker rose and talked about Failure. I wish I could remember his name right now, oh well. What he said will stay with me forever. He started his talk by bragging about his failures, mentioning that he has gone bankrupt twice, as if once wasn't enough. He talked about embracing failure by saying it's the thing that made him who he is.


It's always inspiring to hear people talk about such things, failure and all. It's a little different when you are going through it rather than hearing about it. When you are going through some failure, financial, relationship or health wise do we get excited about it? When we are down on our luck, with no option in sight, are we grateful for this character building experience? As when you are down that road and everything looks bleak, it seems much easier to quit. Do we have the mental fortitude and maturity to go on?


He addressed all these questions by saying failure is necessary. He said we will fail plenty of times, in whatever we do and the failure is a good thing because we learn from them and become stronger. Right now as we go through trials we should hold our head high and look forward to the failure as it will lead to our success.


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