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Lewis Hamilton Inked

I have always wanted to have a post about Lewis' tattoos, am calling him Lewis by his first name like we are friends. Although I have spent a lot of time watching his races, practices and I have followed his career from the beginning. I guess he would be ok with me calling him by his first name. Here are a couple of his work of art on his body, including pictures of him being inked!!! FYI I don't own any of this material, only some of the words, so don't sue me.
Here is an excerpt of what he says about his tattoos 

}A giant crucifix on his back echoing the one he always wears round his neck. Hamilton said: 'My faith is important to me. You have to remain hopeful, you have to believe there is a plan. I believe God has a plan for me. I don't know what it is.' 

The words 'Still I Rise'. Hamilton has quoted the inspirational phrase in press conferences. It is the title of a poem by Maya Angelou published in 1978, and inspired Hamilton's favourite rap artist Tupac Shakur.

Picture of a heart and cross on his right elbow, and musical notes on his right wrist. Hamilton Tweeted pictures of the tattoos in February after having them done by Los Angeles tattoo artist Mister Cartoon, real name Mark Machado.

Religious images on his arm include a picture of Mary and Jesus, and an angel. He said last year: "I had them done in the last couple of races but they've healed up now, although they're not finished yet. One's an angel and the other is of the Pieta - Mary and Jesus.

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