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Two Days Left

There are two days left for me to know whether I will be joining Georgetown this fall. I was really hoping they would have contacted me by now to tell me if I am accepted or not. It seems they are going to drag it out until the very end like those cheap soap operas on TV. Although, am not complaining am sure they have a system but the waiting is starting to get to me. I keep worrying about my GMAT scores, my application, recommendation, the essays and lastly the interview that I did. I wonder if I did enough or should I have done something different or done more. The questions are endless fuelled by the uncertainty and doubt.

So here I am trying not to think about it so I am blogging about it. Personally I know am going to get in, I feel that I am the perfect candidate for them but the problem is I don't know who my competition is. I am sure there are very many competent and exciting prospects who apply to the school and I consider myself lucky to be in this position. I looked at the previous year's class profile and I was very impressed that I would be in great company. On a side note I would love to work on an admissions committee and see what they look for and what they consider as someone perfect for them.

I would love for them to put me out of my misery by pulling the trigger and tell me my fate. From there I would move to step three of my great master plan, securing funding. I have some idea of how am going to do it but am not certain as to whether the methods will be successful. I will talk more of that later. When I get accepted to the school, I have already prepared an acceptance speech, which would go something like:

     'I want to thank God first and foremost for being my rock. I want to give a special shout out to my parents and some one very special…"

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