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i have written this blog hundreds of tiome abut when am about to post it something goes wrong. today might also be the same as such i will rush into it and i wont correct it. i will play it by the ear u can email me if u dont understand.
lets begin,
in a day God through his wisdom gave us some time to work when the sun shines and to rest when the sun goes down or to hte other part of the worlod. then us guys through our technology came up with figures after calculating the rotation of the earth came up with a day has 24 hours. on ideal days it would be 12 hours of sunshine and the other 12 for night. since it has been so for many years before me n you we plan our time acccording to that maths.
where by we work during the day for a numebr of hours and rest for the rest. or vice versa for people who are involved in the entertainment industry whereby the oposite is true or u work in an office that doesnt believe in sunshine. with the time we have we plan, 8 to 10 hours we are either at school or at work for those above the poverty line demographic and have jobs. then another 2 hours wee use during our commute to the variosus destination finally we have 6 - 8 hours to lay down and sleep.
as a result we are only left with four hours tour selves so dont waste it on staying inthe house go and live it

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