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fight or flight

hello love, i have missed you
let me dive in quickly before i forget to write what i am supposed to.we all learn early whether to fight or to flee or to run away. our first encouter normaly involves the school bully or the bully in the next house. we roll our fingers to make a fist make an angry face and then we go at it.they all started with words being thrown around. then adrenaline bvegins to kick in. teeth were clench eyes are red with anger heart starts to race. there is a bitter taste in teh mouth thats asdrenalinea being pumped into the system.

grown men fights some time doesnt lead to fist fights. they are usually vverbal anthe most articulate is the one who wins. in such cases anger is still felt and people end up saying hthing s and regretting them later.

the end result is normlly bruises and scars which normally heal. sometimes the scars dont heal they leave marks and on the inside and outside. the funny thing is that some fights can be avoided others cant. the big difference is finding out which ones to avoid and the ones you fight. when we get older the distinction between the two is becomes less clear. recently i was involved in various situations. in the fight i was to prove myself physically and mentally. it was valid as my honour was at stake that is when we threw it down.

my next fight was not valid and the reason for the altercation is not known to me. but i didnot see it as being inept. but i was there swinging blows and screaming profanities. had i taken a moment and looked ate the situation differently the outcome would have been different.

choosing a fight is normally very difficult for me and when other things are added to the mix like alcohol.(Y alcohol y) but the end result is the same. i ho[pe later i will be able to tell the difference

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